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Sir Benfro yn Dysgu/Learning Pembrokeshire

Sir Benfro yn Dysgu - Learning Pembrokeshire
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Primary Schools' Prom Concert

Primary School's Prom Concert
Sir Thomas Picton School
Tuesday 30th June


Harp Workshop/Concert Press Release

The Pembrokeshire Music Service started the summer term with yet another great success!


The Saints and Stones Group Competition 2015

You and Your friends are invited to enter our 2015 competition on the theme of Notable people who are or have been connected with our Parish. Find out about a person or people who have lived in your parish either in past times or recently, who have become famous or even, perhaps infamous. We should like to know as much as you can possibly discover about them and the kind of lives they led. When you have made your discoveries you can tell their story in any format you like to use; the possibilities might be: written in prose, poetry or a play, in radio, film, a photographic record, drawing, painting or tapestry.


Pembrokeshire Archives and Local Studies – A fantastic centre of information and inspirational learning resources for Schools.Archifdy ac Astudiaethau Lleol Sir Benfro – Canolfan wych o wybodaeth ac adnoddau dysgu ysbrydoledig ar gyfer ysgolion

Pembrokeshire Archives and Local Studies holds written and photographic records of Pembrokeshire in conditions of special care as well as a huge variety of books on Pembrokeshire’s history.
Our records go back to 1272 and include maps, newspapers, old photographs, access to census material, church records etc.
With the archive material here one can reach back through history and touch the past – it’s not just on a screen as we are used to today, it’s the actual newspapers or maps etc. that they used 100 years ago or more.
Mae gan  Archifdy ac Astudiaethau Lleol Sir Benfro gofnodion ysgrifenedig a ffotograffig o’r Sirwedi eu cadw  mewn gofal arbennig yn ogystal ag amrywiaeth eang o lyfrau ar hanes Sir Benfro.
Mae’n cofnodion yn dyddio nôl i 1272 ac yn cynnwys mapiau, papurau newydd, hen ffotograffau, deunydd y cyfrifiad, cofnodion eglwysi a.y.y.b
Gyda’r deunydd archif yma gellir ymestyn yn ôl drwy hanes a chyffwrdd â’r gorffennol – ac nid ar sgrin yn unig fel yr ydym wedi dod i arfer ag e heddiw; dyma’r papurau newydd a mapiau go iawn, yr union ddogfennau a ddefnyddiwyd ganrif yn ôl.