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Welcome to ICT @ Ysgol Bro Gwaun

Staff:    Mr C Davies (Head of Department)
Mr D Lynch

Aims of the ICT Department

  • To provide a worthwhile experience for all pupils so that they may become confident citizens of the technological world.
  • To develop pupil’s abilities and skills that are relevant to the study and practice of IT and equip pupils for life in a technological age.
  • To stimulate curiosity, interest and enjoyment of IT
  • To make pupils aware of the use of IT and its implications
  • To prepare pupils for work in a digital world

 Teaching and learning

KS2 pupils from feeder schools spend time in the department prior to beginning KS3, during this time they are introduced to the system and allocated a username, password and area Information technology at KS3 is delivered once per week in the following format:

Year 7 - Communicating information (Word processing, desktop publishing, presentations)

Year 8 - Modelling (Spreadsheets, using computer models)

Year 9 - Handling information (Databases, searching and sorting) 


Pupils study Cambridge Nationals. This is a hands on course with 75% coursework and one examination worth 25%.

In this exciting course pupils will complete the following units : 

  • Understanding computer systems
  • Using ICT to create business solutions
  • Creating an interactive multimedia product
  • Creating dynamic product using sound and video


We offer GCE ICT as an AS or an A2 subject.  It is taught by specialist staff in well equipped ICT suites.  As a GCE ICT pupil you will learn advanced presentation techniques, document automation along with advanced spreadsheet and database design.

The course is split into four units:

Unit 1 : This is a theory unit covering subjects such as uses of ICT in business, education, health and the home.  A significant part of this unit will be the design of an advanced spreadsheet which you will be questioned about in the theory examination.


Unit 2 : This is a coursework based unit and involves the analysis of an existing companies documents and production of a leaflet, mail merge letter and powerpoint presentation.  This unit also involves the use of photoshop and video capture/editing.


Unit 3 : This theory unit covers topics such as networks, the Internet, human computer interfaces and ICT security policies.


Unit 4 : This is a coursework unit involving the design, implementation and testing of an advanced relational database.


Extra curricular

There are also extra curricular activities on offer- such as assisting with computer clubs, adding to the School intranet/website or even developing your own website (we will help you with this).



Assessment and feedback is an ongoing process for units 2 and 4 – these are broken down into sub units with departmental end of unit assessments for each in addition to the formal examinations in the summer.



The ICT department has access to four computer suites with an open door policy for sixth form pupils.  It would be beneficial although not necessary for pupils who study this course to have access to a computer at home.


Expected homework/workload requirements

The department sets homework on a regular basis.  Pupils are expected to utilise their study periods and free time to ensure that their coursework is up to date