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Welcome to Ysgol Bro Gwaun Additional Learning Needs (ALN) Department
Croeso i
Adran Anghenion Addysgu Ychwanegol Ysgol Bro Gwaun

Pwy ydyn ni? / Who are we?

Miss R Lewis - Additional Learning Needs Co-ordinator

Mrs T Bisset - Classroom ALN Teacher

A Payne - ALN Clerk

V Pearson - Librarian

J Fudge - Behaviour Support

J Hope and T Horwood - Counsellors

M Griffiths - Inclusion Support

P Truss - School Nurse

Learning Support Assistants (LSAs):

 C Brooks  A Harries  M Morris  M Williams
 W Davies  N Harries  M Renny  C Galloway
 S Edwards  N Jones  J Roberts  S Ellison
 S Griffiths  L Leyshon  C White  



Pam ydyn yma? / Why are we here?

We are here to help support you, and offer advice and practical assistance as required to meet individual needs. Working together we can help you succeed.




Rydym yn adran weithgar o fewn yr ysgol yn cynnig cymorth ymarferol i

ddisgyblion o bob oed a gallu. Estynnwn gefnogaeth yn y dosbarth gyda’r gwaith academaidd, ac hefyd fe gynnigwn gymorth tu-allan i’r dosbarth i

sicrhau fod pob disgybl yn cael y gofal gorau posibl. 


Dysgwn ddisgyblion gydag anghenion dwys mewn uned ar-wahan, a chawn

gymorth cynorthwywyr dosbarth profiadol mewn gwersi yn y brif-ffrwd.

Yn rheolaidd darparwn Y Clwb Mathemateg, Darllen Dyddiol, a Mentoriaid Dysgu, yn ogystal â rhoi cymorth cymdeithasol i grwpiau o blant fel bo angen. Rydym hefyd yn trefnu cwricwlwm gwahaniaethol i’r unigolion fel bo angen.


Caiff ein disgyblion eu hannog i fynychu clybiau amrywiol amser cinio yng ngofal y cynorthwywyr dosbarth, fel y Clwb Drama, Clwb Crefftau, Clwb Garddio, Clwb Storiau, Clwb Gemau ac wrth gwrs y Clwb Gwaith Cartref dyddiol.



We are an approachable department offering practical support to pupils of all ages and all abilities. We support pupils in lessons with their academic work, and also support pupils outside the classroom to ensure that they all have the best provision, and the best care possible.


A small group of pupils with intense needs are taught in our learning unit, and we have experienced learning support assistants to support in the mainstream classes. We guide pupils in the Daily Maths Club, Daily

Reading, Learning Mentors, and we offer assistance to various groups of pupils to develop their social skills. We also organize an alternative

curriculum to individuals as needed.


Our pupils are encouraged to participate in lunch-time activities

supervised by our learning support assistants, such as the Drama Club, Art and Craft Club, Gardening Club, Storytelling Club, Games Club and the daily Homework Club.


Dewch i edrych yn fanylach / Lets have a closer look:


ALN CLASS IN YEARS 7, 8 and 9.

There is a very small unit for pupils who might find the transition into secondary school

difficult. Pupils are taught English, Maths and the Humanities by a dedicated teacher with ALN experience and qualifications, supported by LSAs. Other subjects are taught by

subject specialists with a high level of support. Some pupils move into mainstream classes during the year, others need a longer placement at the Special Unit during KS3.



This is provided for pupils who have difficulty coping with some aspects of the work, by enthusiastic and experienced Learning Support Assistants.



Individuals and small groups of pupils attend “Corlan” for specific lessons. This is a “safe haven” for pupils who at times have academic, behavioural, social or emotional

difficulties. With the help of a qualified LSA they gain further academic and emotional assistance.



Enrichment activities are developed for pupils who have a particular talent. These are run through various departments, and by Mrs V. Pearson our school Librarian. All

departments ensure that pupils are challenged and extended in their subjects.



A small group of pupils’ needs are catered for at KS4/5 through an alternative curriculum, offering a more vocational curriculum with opportunity for work experience, and linking with Pembrokeshire College on a weekly basis.



This is a programme run mainly by LSAs for targeted pupils in years 7 and 8 who have difficulty with reading. It has been proved to be very effective in improving reading

ability across the whole curriculum.



This is a highly successful programme run daily by experienced LSAs for pupils in years 7 and 8, who have difficulty with their numeracy skills. It has been proved to be very

effective in improving pupils’ maths scores, and boosting their self confidence in the




This group work with LSAs on an 8 week programme to improve pupils presentation of work. This benefits pupils’ work across the whole curriculum.



Specific pupils in years 9, 10 and 11 work with these outside agencies on a weekly basis in order to broaden horizons, give pupils a more practical curriculum, and support pupils to achieve qualifications in Personal and Social Development, and  the World of Work.



Trained students in years 12 offer a one to one literacy and/or numeracy support for

certain pupils in year 7 as required.



We offer daily practical clubs for all pupils, run and supervised by LSAs. These are

effective in giving pupils opportunity to gain various experiences in a relaxed safe




A daily lunch time homework club is offered for all pupils who need LSA help with their work, and computers are available for academic use.



As a department the ALNCO work closely with the behaviour support teacher, the school councillor, the school nurse, inclusion officer, as well as external agencies such as the

social services, teams around the family, educational psychology service, advisory

teachers for the hearing and visually impaired, speech and language therapist, and

advisory staff for the pupils on the autistic spectrum. Pupils are supported and given

coping strategies to meet their needs. The ALNCO also works with parents as needed, and liases with the Head teacher, Year Progress Managers, and Heads of Departments.


Our facilities include:

A teaching room for the ALN class.

A lunch time activity room for all pupils.

A nurture / safe haven room “Corlan”.

A lift which enables pupils access to all floors.

A lift which enables pupils to access the stage in the main school hall.

IT, music art and sport facilities.

Kinaesthetic activities for pupils.

A sunshine mini-bus.

Disabled toilet facilities and shower room.


Rydym yn ymfalchio yn yr addysg gynhwysfawr a’r cymorth  a

roddwn i bob disgybl. Croeso i chi gysylltu a dod i ymweld â ni!


We are proud of our inclusive education and the support we offer all

pupils. Please contact us and you are welcome to visit!