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Welcome to the Performing Arts Department!

Welcome to the Drama and Performing Arts Department at Ysgol Bro Gwaun. 

Miss Bethan Walters- Head of Department

Currently Drama in KS3 is run within the Welsh department timetable.


Drama is now an option subject at GCSE level.

Course Aims:

·         Appreciate dramatic literature

·         Enjoy and come to understand more about theatrical presentation

·         Become more aware of the technical elements that contribute to theatrical presentation, and learn to use some of those skills.

·         Experiment and develop devising, performing and evaluating skills.

·         Develop a wide range of ways to express ideas and feelings.


Why study GCSE Drama?

You will get the chance to....

·         create your own drama script

·         develop acting skills

·         develop technical skills

·         learn how to direct

·         visit the theatre

·         work as part of a team

·         develop your communication skills


Unit 1

Devised Practical Performance (60%)

Task 1

Devised Performance
Candidates will devise a practical performance based on a theme, linked with a practitioner or genre.


Task 2

Devised Performance Report

Candidates will complete a written report on the practical work they completed in Task One, under formal supervision


Unit 2

Performance from a Text

Candidates will be assessed on their acting in scene from a published play.


Unit 3

Written Examination
Candidates will be assessed on their ability to analyse one set text as an actor, designer and director and to evaluate practical work completed in Unit 2.



At Ysgol Bro Gwaun we study a two year BTEC course in Performing Arts –Musical Theatre. The course will give you experiences in the three main elements of Musical Theatre which are dance, Acting and Singing. At the end of the two years you will gain a BTEC Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma in Performing Arts, this is equivalent to one A Level. The marking system is slightly different and you will get a Distinction, Merit or Pass grade which are equivalent to A, B, C grade at A Level and worth the same UCAS points.

Why study Performing Arts?

Performing Arts is the ideal subject to study if you are looking to forge a career in the performing arts industry. The BTEC in Performing Arts, updated for 2010, encourages students to reach for the stars while keeping their feet on the ground, giving them the practical skills and knowledge they will need for a chance of success. Performance elements and ongoing assessment with no end-of-year exams ensure learners remain engaged throughout their course.


The Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma BTEC is a flexible qualification made up of 6 units each worth 10 credits. Two of these units are compulsory. These units are Musical Theatre Performance and Performing To An Audience. At YBG teachers and students work together to plan which other four units are suitable for, and interest the students. These units can change every year depending on the strengths within the group. There is a huge amount of choice with the units available in all three fields (dance, acting and singing).


The vocational learning style is completely different from the more traditional routes. Students may research their topics and present results in a wide variety of ways other than written text. They don’t have to work alone: group interaction can often play a part, for example though teamwork and role-play.


Who is it suitable for?
AS and A-Level students who want to study dance, acting and singing on a practical rather than purely academic level. The class sizes are small which result in intensive study and close attention to each individual student. We offer Performing Arts students numerous opportunities to perform work for public audiences.


For more information on this course please visit and search for BTEC LEVEL 3 PERFORMING ARTS, or speak to Miss Bethan Walters.

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