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Welcome to Ysgol Bro Gwauns’ Art Department.



  • Mrs Rachel Williams (Joint Head of Department).
  • Mrs Karen Morris (Joint Head of Department).

Aims of the Art Department

At Ysgol Bro Gwaun we believe that Art offers exciting and stimulating challenges, as well as offering all students the opportunity to achieve success regardless of their ability.  Art is taught in line with National Curriculum orders and we aim to develop students’ knowledge, skills, understanding, creativity and imagination through a balanced programme of activities.  The aims of the department are;

  • To provide an exciting scheme of work that challenges and engages all students in their learning.
  • To teach a range of techniques that allow students to gain confidence in the use of a variety of media.
  • To create an environment where students feel secure in their learning.
  • To encourage students to take pride in their work and to always strive to achieve their best.
  • To deepen students’ understanding and appreciation of a variety of artists, designers and cultures.
  • To display students’ work in a professional manner that inspires other students to achieve.
  • To encourage students to work independently and to critically analyse their work.


All students from Years 7-13 keep a work journal/sketchbook which records all their observations, research, experimentation and final designs.  These journals enable both student and teacher to monitor progress throughout their schooling.


Students are assessed on a regular basis at Key Stage 3 through their weekly homework and project outcomes.  Students are also given level indicators on an assessment matrix, so that they and their teachers can monitor progress throughout the Key Stage.  At Key Stage 4 students are also assessed on their weekly homework and unit outcomes and also through regular discussion about their work.  At Key Stage 5 there is continuous assessment throughout the unit of work, mainly through discussion.


At both Key Stage 4 and 5 all students’ work is assessed at the end of the course and moderated internally by all members of the department and then externally by a WJEC examiner.


Art & Design at Key Stage 3

During Key Stage 3 students develop their creativity and imagination through sustained activities, helping to build on and improve their practical and critical skills.  Teaching includes investigating and making, exploring and developing ideas, evaluating and developing work.

During the Key Stage pupils are taught knowledge, skills and understanding through;

·         Exploring a range of starting points for their practical work including themselves, their experiences and natural and man made objects and environments.

·         Working on their own and collaborating with others, on projects in 2 and 3 dimensions and on different scales.

·         Using a range of materials and processes.

·         Investigating art, craft and design in the locality, in a variety of genres, styles and traditions and from a range of historical, social and cultural contexts.


Art & Design at Key Stage 4

Art at GCSE is a popular choice of subject at Ysgol Bro Gwaun.  We follow the WJEC Art and Design course, this allows students to explore a range of techniques, materials and ideas.  At GCSE there is greater opportunity to develop independent ideas for projects in a more personal way. Projects are open ended and allow for individual interpretation using a range of media.  GCSE students have three lessons a week and receive guidance and support throughout the whole course.  All groups are mixed ability.


The GCSE qualification is made up of two distinct units of work;

  • Coursework portfolio unit which develops artistic skill through research and experimentation makes up 60% of their marks.
  • Controlled exam unit – makes up the remaining 40%

Students are given ten hours of supervised time to complete their examination piece.


Art & Design at Key Stage 5

During the sixth form we follow the WJEC AS and A2 Art and Design Course which (like the GCSE qualification) is made up of two units of work;

·         Coursework portfolio unit – 60%

·         Controlled exam unit – 40%.


At AS and A2 level students are encouraged to develop higher quality skills and critically analyse their work as well as other artists’ to understand more fully the context of their own work.  Over the two years students become more courageous and adventurous and they are soon producing work of extraordinary quality.  In the gallery section below you can view a variety of work from our most recent GCSE and A’level Art Exhibition.