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Croeso i'r Adran Ddaearyddiaeth
Welcome to the Geography Department!


  • Mr A Williams (Head of Department)
  • Mss S Bowen

The Geography department staff are enthusiastic and committed to encouraging each student to achieve their potential. There are four staff currently teaching in the department; these include an Assistant Head and a teacher of A.L.N.

Every member of the team is valued and is expected to contribute their specialist skills to the working of the department. The ongoing preparation of differentiated work and the modification of schemes of work for example, is shared, as are many other departmental responsibilities. It is department policy to give each member a balance of teaching different age and abilities.

All students in year 7, 8 and 9 have three periods of Geography a fortnight. In key stage three a system is in operation where students are set according to their ability. In Years 7, 8 and 9 there are five sets of differing ability, including a set taught through the medium of Welsh.

In KS4, all students prepare for the WJEC GCSE (Syllabus A) examination. There are 20 Geographers in the present Year 10, and 27 in Year 11.

In the Sixth Form there are 11 geographers following modular WJEC AS and A2 level Geography examinations.

We regard fieldwork as an important part of a Geography course, and take many opportunities to work outside the classroom, both on and off site. In the Sixth form, fieldwork includes several local visits, and an urban study of Swansea.