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Mrs. S Blaxland
(Head of Department)

Miss R Bushell


Departmental Vision

To unlock the potential of each pupil. To turn potential into performance and give each individual success and value individual achievement. Have an enthusiasm for history, whatever their ability. To help pupils become better learners.

Departmental Aims and Objectives

As a department we aim:

  • To deliver well designed programmes of study in line with the National Curriculum and examination board requirements
  • To develop the skills which will encourage pupils to be confident learners and flexible thinkers who are able to work in a variety of learning environments
  • To encourage pupils to question and to think for themselves so that on occasion they can work competently without direct adult supervision
  • To allow pupils to enjoy challenges, occasionally experience failure and always react to it in a positive manner
  • To encourage our pupils to develop a clear set of their own values as responsible, thinking members of society

Attitudes and Values

  • History has an important role to play in encouraging attitudes and values, which we would want to foster in our pupils
  • Open mindedness and a respect for different interpretations and viewpoints. The understanding that a range of different conclusions can be reached from the same set of sources
  • Respect for evidence and objectivity in making judgements.
  • Encouragement of an informal and responsible scepticism. A resistance to accepting things at face value.
  • The confidence to think independently to put together ideas and challenge accepted views.

Year 7 - The Medieval World.
Year 8 - The Tudors and the Stuarts
Year 9 - Black slavery and white slavery, World War One and World War Two on the Home Front

History Department Trip to Krakow and Berlin

Thirty-seven pupils from Years 11, 12 and 13 will take part in a history trip to Poland, in March 2013. The pupils are studying Nazi Germany and the purpose of the trip is to gain a greater understanding of the policies of Hitler and the Nazi Party.

The pupils will take part in many activities, including a traditional Jewish meal and a visit to the Jewish Quarter of Krakow. 

The main aim of the trip is to visit Auschwitz - a concentration and extermination camp near Krakow. Auschwitz was host to some of the worst crimes in history. It is a difficult place to visit, as it really brings home the awful conditions that the prisoners had to cope with and the awful way they were treated. It will be an experience that will never be forgotten.