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Welcome to the Mathematics Department



  • Mrs J Maddison (Head of Department)
  • Mrs H Roberts (Second in Department)
  • Mrs  Walsh
  • Miss R Harries
  • Mr T Andrews

Courses offered:


Key Stage 3

In years 7, 8 and 9 all pupils are taught by specialist maths teachers and are issued with their own mathematics textbook from the Essential Maths, Key Maths or Mathwise series.


Key Stage 4

In years 10 & 11 all pupils follow the WJEC unitised GCSE syllabus, at either the Higher or Foundation Tier as appropriate. All pupils are issued with their own WJEC GCSE Mathematics textbook, and taught by maths specialists. Pupils sit the Unit 2 exam in year 10, and Units 1 & 3 in year 11.

Unit 2: No-calculator paper  30% 

Unit 1: Mathematics in Everyday Life  30%

Unit 3: Calculator paper  40%


Our GCSE pass rate has improved over the last 4 years, with 61% of our pupils achieving a grade C or higher in mathematics in 2012.


Key Stage 5

In sixth form students follow the WJEC A-Level Modular Syllabus. This allows modules in Pure Mathematics, Mechanics and Statistics to be taken in January and June each year. Three modules are necessary for an AS level and 6 modules for an A level. Students sit one module in January and two in June each year, and can opt to resit modules once if necessary.


Year 13 students also have the opportunity to study for an AS in Further Mathematics, by taking 3 additional modules, in Pure Mathematics, Mechanics and Statistics.


Our A level maths results are excellent. For the 7th consecutive year every student achieved at least a grade C at A level. The last 2 years results are as follows:

2010:  3A*, 9A, 1B grade

2011:  2A, 1B, 2C grades

2012:  3A, 4B, 3C grades.


Aims of the department:

  • To give the opportunity for each pupil to attain his/her mathematical potential.

  • To give all pupils confidence to use and understand numbers, decimals, fractions and percentages: to read and interpret charts and timetables; to be aware of spatial relationships and to be familiar with all aspects of everyday arithmetic.

  • To equip the pupils with the necessary foundation skills and understanding to enable them to be trained in specialist skills required by employers and/or further education establishments.


  • To give all the pupils the necessary skills and understanding to confidently participate in calculations and exercises in other disciplines within the school and home.


  • To help pupils appreciate mathematics as a powerful, concise and useful language – A living language full of mystery, intrigue, wonder and enjoyment.


  • To give pupils the ability to apply themselves to problems in an analytical manner and to set up mathematical models to aid solution finding.


  • To introduce pupils to the increasing use of calculators and computers in all walks of life.