In November, Mr EifionGriffiths, Chair of Governors, donated books to the Library.  Diolch yn fawr!

6thForm MAT Conference

In September,sixteen KS5 pupils travelled to the Archive Centre, Haverfordwest, as part ofthe sixth form programme.  Pupils weretargeted as possible candidates for the Russell Group of universities.  The Russell Group represents the 24 leadingUK universities, including both Oxford and Cambridge, who are committed tomaintaining the very best research, outstanding teaching and learningexperience and unrivalled links with business and the public sector. 

The conference wasdesigned to provide up to date information on the application and admissionsprocedure to top universities, as well as opportunities to take part ininteractive sessions, and to develop subject groups.

Mock CouncilElection of the European Union 2015

In September, AledHarding-James and Thomas J Hughes, Year 13, travelled to Cardiff as part of theSixth Form enrichment program to participate in the Mock Council of theEuropean Union 2015, which was held at ‘Siambr Hywel’, Cardiff Bay. 

Each participatingschool was assigned to represent either a Member State of the European Union,or the European Commission/Council Secretariat.Ysgol Bro Gwaun represented Denmark.During the day, students were required to present an initial openingstatement of around 1 minute on each Motion, outlining the view of theirassigned Member Sate, and contributed to an open discussion.

Diwrnod Trosglwyddo Blwyddyn 6 Ysgol Bro Gwaun

ArDdydd Iau'r Cyntaf o Hydref 2015, gwahoddwyd disgyblion blwyddyn 6 TeuluYsgolion Ysgol Bro Gwaun i fynychu diwrnod trosglwyddo'r Adran Gymraeg a’rAdran Arlunio. Cafodd y disgyblion flas o weithgareddau llafar, ysgrifennu athechnoleg gwybodaeth o fewn yr Adran Gymraeg ynghyd a thechnegau creu‘collage’ yn yr Adran Arlunio. Cafwyd diwrnod wrth ein boddau gan y disgybliona’r athrawon, gyda nifer o’r disgyblion yn ennill gwobrau am eu hymdrechion ynystod y gwersi. Diolch i’r rhai a fu’n gyfrifol am drefnu’r diwrnod, ac i’rathrawon a wnaeth sicrhau llwyddiant y diwrnod. Diolch hefyd i ddisgyblionYsgol Bro Gwaun a fu’n helpu o fewn yr adrannau.

Nambia wins the cup.

In October,pupils played a tiddlywinks competition in conjunction with the Rugby WorldCup. 20 players drew a team at random from a rugby ball and having adopted thatteam they were supposed to follow the team, find out about them and create aposter. Then the matches began, and they followed the playing order of the livematches up until the final week, where they had to play the semi-finals andfinals before October half term. The semi-finalists were Davin O’Keeffe(England) Josie McEvoy (Canada ) Rhian Mabe-Griffiths (Namibia ) and RowanHathaway-Henderson (Uruguay ). Tough matches followed, demonstrating fine motorskills with Rhian finishing with a win over Josie. She received the first andonly RWC Tiddlywinks Champions Cup, and a set of Tiddlywinks. She also receiveda book token for the winning poster. 

Personal and Social Development carwashactivity

Thirteen Year 10 pupils took part in acarwash activity in October, to raise money for charities of the young people’schoice, as part of their PSD programme.

Theatre visit to Stratford upon Avon

In October, eighteen KS4 & 5 studentstravelled to Stratford upon Avon, along with two members of staff from theEnglish Department.  The visit wasdesigned to allow pupils to gain insight into the life of William Shakespeare,the performance of Renaissance plays and the history and culture of the town ofStratford upon Avon. 

On arriving at Stratford, pupils took part ina Shakespeare workshop, and then had the opportunity to explore Stratford.  The following morning, pupils continued toexplore the history and culture of the town.In the afternoon, pupils watched a performance of ‘Henry V’ by WilliamShakespeare, which was run by the Royal Shakespeare Company.  

Celebrating success of working together

Ysgol Bro Gwaun’s ‘Harbwr’ pupils donated to the TransitionCafé, Fishguard.

Shakespeare Schools performance! 

"If music be the food of love, play on."
November the 4th saw a group of talented Ysgol Bro Gwaun Year 7 pupils take tothe stage at Theatr Mwldan, Cardigan, to take part again this year in theNational Shakespeare for Schools Festival. The pupils under the direction of MrDaniel Edmonds and Miss Bethan Walters performed a hilariously funny renditionof Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night". With wonderful narrators andhilariously funny moments from Malvolio, Olivia, Duke Orsino, Antonio,Sebastian, Viola, Sir Andrew Aguecheek, Sir Toby Belch and a wonderfulsupporting cast, these young actors performed with gusto and confidence andmade this play and these characters their own. Congratulations to all! "Some are born with Greatness, and some have greatness thrust uponthem!"

Valero MusicFestival

On 14thNovember, twenty nine school musicians took part in the Pembrokeshire ValeroSecondary School’s Music Festival, at Sir Thomas Picton School, Haverfordwest.Pupils who took part in this year’s school production ‘Back to the 80’s’,performed two songs from the show.

PembrokeshireHistoric Buildings Trust

On Monday16th November, eight Year 8 pupils travelled to County Hall, Haverfordwest, forthe Pembrokeshire Historic Buildings Trust schools awards ceremony. The pupilshad been given the task of creating a project about a medieval castle, churchor building in Pembrokeshire, as part of their Year 7 studies. Pupils joinedother students from Greenhill School, Sir Thomas Picton and Ysgol Dewi Sant,and were given a very interesting presentation on historic buildings inHaverfordwest by Simon Hancock from the Haverfordwest Town Museum. The pupils enjoyedgreat success, with Anwen Reed being placed joint 1st; Meirion John highlycommended; Tilly Batt and Trystan Morris were both commended; Morgan Evans andMolly Phillips awarded Special Endeavour; and Rosa Brew and Osian Perkinsawarded Special Achievement.

Pictured are pupils Anwen Reed, Morgan Evans, TillyBatt, Rosa Brew, Molly Phillips, Trystan Morris and Osian Perkins with PCC Chairman Wynne Evans, PHBT Chairman Willaim George and Miss Ros Bushell, Headof History.

Lecture and Theatre Visit

In November, twelve KS5 had the opportunity to visit and attend inLondon a lecture with Steven Berkoff, one of the practitioners on their theatreA Level Drama study list!  Mr Berkoffgave a lecture on his techniques, which pupils were able to incorporate intotheir practical Drama skills.  Pupilsalso received a voice workshop.  Thesecond aspect of the visit incorporated visiting two live theatre performances.  An enjoyable time was had by all!

Good Food Show, Birmingham NEC

In November, eleven A Level Design and Technology students travelled tothe Good Food Show in Birmingham.  Theaim of the day was to collect information on different food materials to assiststudents in the development of ideas in order to solve the design brief.

Personal and Social Development Course

In November, fourteen students travelled to Heatherton Adventure Park asa reward for their hard work during the term. 

Journey to Work

In November, Year 8 pupils had the opportunity to go on a ‘Journey toWork’, as part of the Careers and World of Work programme.  Pupils followed a structured timetable, andvisited a variety of workplaces in and around Fishguard. 

School Council Conference

In December, three pupilswere chosen by the School Council to represent the school in a studentconference in Haverfordwest.

Back to the 80’s Production

The end of the Christmas Term saw the culmination of three and a halfmonths hard work by pupils and staff, as their performance of “Back To The80’s” took to the stage in all its glory!Pupils from Years 7-13 transported us back to the glory days of the 80’swith tracks such as “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” “Kids in America” and“Footloose” as they led us through the story of Corey Palmer Junior, played byDafydd Ridgway, and his friends Kurt and Alf played by Jonathan Cafolla-Wardand Carwyn Davies, in their final year at High School.

The heartbreak ofwatching his true love Tiffany Houston played by Octavia Lewis-Williams, fallin love with his arch enemy, the seriously popular Michael Feldman, played byTristan Thomas. The ups and downs of high school life were beautifully toldthrough script, a bizarre Star Wars dream sequence, and the wonderfulsoundtrack of the 80’s as narrated by Corey Senior who was now grown up andlooking back at his younger years, played by Tomos Evans. Wonderfulperformances were given by all members of the cast, with some hilariously funnymoments from the two teacher characters Miss Brannigan, played by Ffion Ridgwayand Mr Cocker, played by Tomos Salmon.

Who could forget the sass and enthusiasmbrought to us by Tiffany’s best friend Cindy Gibson and her cheerleadingfriends Mel and Kim, the twins played by Joanna Thomas and Alana Hayes. Theyadoringly looked on as Michael and his gang Billy, Huey and Lionel played byWill John, Luke Fearon and Sion O’Sullivan teased the new girl Eileen, playedby Jemma Clifford, that they were in love with her. The heartbreak that theywere in fact playing a joke on her the whole time was felt by her two bestfriends Laura and Debbie, played by Maddy Abbott and Jess Hicks.

Eileen foundlove in the end with Fergall Mc Ferrin, the 3rd the school geek,played brilliantly by Owen Strawbridge, who brought the house down on bothnights with his fantastic comedy timing. There was of course a happy ending,with Corey and Tiffany falling in love at the end of the play to the famoussong from Dirty Dancing “I’ve had the time of My Life” and yes….they did “thelift”!! The high energy music and dance routines were all accompanied by afantastically talented band made up of school pupils, peripatetic musicteachers and local friends of the school and performed in front of a colourfulset painted by pupils and the art department at the school. The audience showedtheir appreciation with a standing ovation, and left the school Dancing On TheCeiling!!

Many thanks to Miss BethanWalters, Head of Music and Drama and Mrs Sioned Page Jones, Head of PE,  along with their production team, forcreating a wonderful experience for both the cast and audience. Trulyunforgettable!   Llawer o ddiolch i bawba gyfrannodd i'r sioe hyfryd hon, a llongyfarchiadau mawr i bawb arberfformiadau bythgofiadwy.

Science Lecture

Fifteen KS4 & 5 students travelled toSwansea in December to take part in a series of Christmas lectures, organisedby the Institute of Physics Schools Christmas 2015, in conjunction with theDepartment of Physics, Swansea University.Pupils were welcomed and received an introduction by Professor MikeChalton, Head of Department. 

Dr Yvette Hancock delivered a lecture basedon ‘Designing the future using science’.This talk showed how future technologies are designed on the quantumscale, within the width of a human hair, and it was explained new ways of usinglight to advance medicine and unlock secrets for the ancient past. 

The afternoon lecture based on ‘Animatterhas gone missing!?’ was delivered by Professor Niels Madsen.  

Science Lecture

Fifteen KS4 & 5 students travelled toSwansea in December to take part in a series of Christmas lectures, organisedby the Institute of Physics Schools Christmas 2015, in conjunction with theDepartment of Physics, Swansea University.Pupils were welcomed and received an introduction by Professor MikeChalton, Head of Department. 

Dr Yvette Hancock delivered a lecture basedon ‘Designing the future using science’.This talk showed how future technologies are designed on the quantumscale, within the width of a human hair, and it was explained new ways of usinglight to advance medicine and unlock secrets for the ancient past. 

The afternoon lecture based on ‘Animatter has gone missing!?’ was delivered by Professor Niels Madsen.

End of Term

The ChristmasAssembly  took place on the last day ofterm, with items by the school orchestra, head girl and head boy, FfionRidgeway and Luke Parr, vocal ensemble of Miss Bethan Walters, Mrs Sioned PageJones , Miss Ros Bushell and Ffion Ridgeway,and  prayers by Reverend RichardDavies. During this final assembly of the term, Mrs Nerys Nicholas presentedpupils' awards for behaviour, achievement, and attendance.  The winners of the Library quiz were alsopresented with prizes by Mrs Vicky Pearson, school librarian. Well done to all!

On the day, pupilswere allowed to wear Christmas jumpers, in order to raise money for charity andthe majority of the collection was sent to the Motor Neurone Disease CareCentre.

Rotary YouthSpeaks Competition

The public speakingcompetition held annually by the Fishguard and Goodwick Rotary Club was held atthe Fishguard Bay Hotel on January 19th 2016. It was described as the best yet,with a very high standard of public speaking demonstrated by Ysgol Bro Gwaunand Ysgol Dewi Sant.

Following a detaileddiscussion by the panel of judges, Ysgol Bro Gwaun were named as winners. Theteam consisted of Cariann Griffiths, Tomos Evans and Tristan Thomas. The team were mentored by Miss Ros Bushell, and went on torepresent the club in the next round held at Plashyfryd Hotel in Narberth onFebruary 8th, 2016.

Llongyfarchiadaumawr i chi ar eich llwyddiant!

Hen Galan Concert

On 15th January, 2016, the school was representedat the Hen Galan Concert held at

St. Mary’s Church, Fishguard, by Ffion Ridgway, Tomos Evansand Tomos Salmon.

The Sixth Form trio gave a moving rendition of “In the bleakmid-winter” which was widely appreciated by the large congregation present.

Water Aid Charity Event

Throughout the last weekof January, 2016, the whole school took part in a ‘Water Week’, aimed at promotinghealthy living, physical activity, and raising moneyfor charity. The week began with a non-schooluniform day, of which each pupil received a bottle of water, with the proceeds going to the Princes GateTrust, a local charity, which issupported by former Wales Captain Ryan Jones. The day was a great success, which was supported by staff and pupils, with a notably more positivefeeling around the school.

Kyle,a Year 7 pupil, modelling his water at an after school rugby training!

The theme of watercontinued, where pupils tookpart in a sponsored swimminggala to attempt to swim 1000 lengths!  The event was a huge success, with over 40 children taking part, swimming a total of 1760 lengths in 1hour 20 minutes! The gala was supported by Princes Gate Trustrepresentative Juliana Morgan, who distributed water and juice to the enthusiastic swimmers. In total, the gala raised £300 towards the Princes Gate Trust!!  The school would like to thank the great supportfrom pupils, parents, and all whocame together to make the week such a success.

Picture below are the GCSE Physical Education students of Ysgol BroGwaun, who supported andassisted at the Pembrokeshire’s Disability Swimming Gala!

YBG Get Sports Wheelchairs

Ysgol Bro Gwaun have been lucky enough toreceive four brand new Sports wheelchairs worth up to £2000, thanks to supportfrom Sport Pembrokeshire and their Disability Sports Officer Angela Miles.

The chairs can be used during PE lessons andextra-curricular Clubs, for activities such as Wheelchair and Inclusive ZoneBasketball.

5x60 Officer at Ysgol Bro Gwaun Dan Bellissaid ‘The Sports wheelchairs will be a fantastic resource for the School and weare lucky to have them’.

Fishguard Sports Girls FC U 14’s

Fishguard Sports Girls FC Under 14 teamremain top of the Pembrokeshire Girls League after another unbeaten tournamentat Narberth FC on Sunday 18th October.

The team won four and drew two of their games,to go six points clear at the top of the league. The squad have had a fantasticstart to the season, only losing one from twenty four games. 

An excellent first half of the season for allof Fishguard Sports girls teams was finished off by the U14’s going unbeatenduring their latest set of league fixtures in December.

Fishguard SportsGirls Football Club U10’s & U12’s

The U10’s & U12’scontinued their impressive season in the Pembrokeshire girls league withexcellent results and performances during the latest set of fixtures held inNovember.

The U10’s remainthree points clear at the top of the table, whilst the U12’s are in third placefour points behind leaders Narberth.

In January, boththe U10’s and u12’s achieved excellent results. In their latest set ofleague fixtures  both teams remainedunbeaten throughout the morning and both sit top of their respective leagueswith less than half of the season to go!

Josh Lewsey Visit

On the 19th November Ysgol BroGwaun welcomed the WRU head of rugby and 2003 World Cup winner Josh Lewsey toschool, along with other esteemed members of the WRU development structure. Thepurpose of the afternoon was to showcase the hard work of the ‘Hub Officer’initiative as part of the WRU development program, with the goals of; promotingrugby in schools and fostering stronger relationships between the schools,local rugby clubs and the community as a whole.

Mr Josh Lewsey and guests arrived in theearly afternoon, where they were greeted by the PE department and members ofthe First XV rugby team. This was followed by a question and answer session, wherepupils could talk to the former British and Irish Lion about life on and offthe field. He shared some timely advice with the pupils, speaking about how itfelt to win the World Cup, future career prospects, and some personal rugbyanecdotes. It was an unique, open and thought provoking experience for the boys,and one that will hopefully be remembered and show them good stead in thefuture.

The visitors’ next stop was the schools traditionalgymnasium to watch a Strength and Conditioning session lead by Chris Shousha(Hub Officer), and aspiring coach Lewis Davies (Year 11). Year 7 pupilsundertook a variety of exercises, with an emphasis on form and functional power,through a variety of staple exercises and Olympic lifts. Ysgol Bro Gwaun sharesa rich history in Olympic lifting with former Head of PE Mr Simon Roach, havingrepresented Wales in the Commonwealth Games. The session went extremely wellwith the guests being particularly impressed with the pupils’ technique, beingable to perform movements such as; full cleans and overhead squats. The sessiondemonstrated that provision for all aspects the game can be catered through thehub officer initiative, providing aspiring rugby players with the bestopportunity possible to develop within the game locally.

The first Year 7’s toundertake YBG S&C program, Pembrokeshire Rugby player Lewis Davies and Mr Lewsey.Getting to grips; Joss performing a text book overhead squat.

The tour continued with a trip to the Library,for a very unique off the field experience. This was as a part of the HubOfficer’s role to support the academic studies, most notable literacy andnumeracy. Volunteering pupils carried out a research poster, and played outworld cup pool in a games of ‘tiddly winks’ on a randomly select Rugby WorldCup 2015 team. The victor of both schemes was Rhian Mabe-Griffiths (Year 9),who won the ‘Tiddly Winks World Cup’, and research poster with rugbypowerhouses Namibia! As a prize, she got to challenge Josh Lewsey to a game of‘tiddly winks’! It was a close cut encounter, with Josh describing it as ‘beingmore intense than the 2003 World Cup Final!’, as he narrowly won 4-3 aftergoing behind 2-0. The trip to the library was a lovely example of the role theHub Officer scheme contributing off the field and benefiting the pupilsacademically.

The pressures on!!Josh playing his way back into the game. Presentation with the Librarycompetition winner Rhian Mabe-Griffiths, Year 9

Next up was the main event of the afternoon,with a fixture between Ysgol Bro Gwaun v Ysgol Bro Pedr (both Year 9) in theHub Cup!  The aim of this fixture was toprovide a one off competitive fixture against a similar neighbouring countyschool, also supported by a Hub Officer. This would provide pupils with a tasteof competitive rugby against unknown opposition with a prize at the end, not tomention bragging rights for coaches between Pembrokeshire and Ceredigion!! Thematch was well supported from the side-lines with pupils, staff, parents andmembers of the local rugby club came to support the game. Bro Gwaun came out ofthe blocks fast and hard, scoring a couple tries early on with scything runsfrom outside backs and direct forward play. However, Bro Pedr came back intothe game with a nice try off turnover ball, with their heads up and bus journeyout of their legs they wrestled themselves back into the game making it a tensefinally few minutes. With Bro Gwaun leading 22-19, and Bro Pedr slowly turningthe screw, it looked like they were going to upset the party. The game was tobe concluded with a hardworking team try.A long range clearance kick downfield was regathered by a great kickchase by the Bro Gwaun backline. A series of forward drives took Bro Gwauncloser and closer, inch by inch to the try line. The opposition defendedexcellently, however it was the pack power that won the day with No.8 VaughanBatty scoring the try to seal the game after a great team effort. The gamefinished 27-19 to Bro Gwaun, with both teams shattered, but with smiles ontheir faces, it was clear they enjoyed the battle.

The afternoon finished with a trophy presentation byJosh Lewsey, to the winning captain Creegan Foot. Mr Lewsey delivered a finalfarewell speech to both teams, highlighting the success of not just the day,but of the hard work that goes on every day through the Hub Officers andnetwork of support around them. It was a captivating moment, undoubtedly ahighlight of the afternoon and a privilege to be a part of.

John Lewsey and winning Captain – Creegan Foot