Welcome to Year 3

Autumn Term 2012
What a start to Year 3!  We went back in time with Mrs Dowell and Mr Llewellyn to a time when people lived in roundhouses and had to weave their own clothes.  At Castell Henllys we had our faces painted in wode and became Cetlic Warriors, we helped to build walls from Wattle and Daub, we ground flour and made bread ......... and chased away our enemies...Arrgghhh!  


21st September was our Owain Glyndwr day, where we celebrated our Welsh Heritage....also, our first chance to dress up at our new school!  Everybody chose their own Welsh Hero and had to research and present facts about them.  Rydyn ni'n cael amser wych! 

In October, Year 3 went to SUPERSTAR GAMES at Greenhill school for a whole afternoon's outdoor fun, learning lots of skills and developing teamwork skills.

As part of our DT focus week and IPC we made recipies for our Celtic Cawl, measured our ingredients, cleaned and chopped the vegetables, cooked it all up and enjoyed devouring it with flat bread, as a good Celt would. 


Also we were taught the art of Celtic Weaving.

We love learning with our iPads and computers in the Juniors. 


Another chance to dress up - the grand opening of our NEW SCHOOL LIBRARY - where our work was displayed for all to see.  A visiting local author, Sian Williams taught us some interesting poetry techniques.


Dosbarth Mrs Dowell led a poigniant assembly for Remembrance Day, complete with an ex-pupil playing the Last Post and Rouse, and a beautiful recitation of Flander's Field.

Dosbarth Mr Llewellyn performed their first ever assembly at the Juniors, about Dr Barnado.  We turned the story into a play and performed it to our visiting parents.  We loved singing Streets of London.

Mr John Cooper from the British Judo Association was our Sensei and he taught us some Judo for half a term. We learned lots of Judo disciplines.

CHILDREN IN NEED 2012 ...another fundraising day...and another chance to dress up!

THE SHOEBOX APPEAL - Another year of excellent support, especially from Year 3.

What a busy, fun-filled term so far ... and we finished it off with our wonderful Christmas play' jesus@bethlehemstable.com ' and a visit to Swansea Grand Theatre to see the pantomime 'Cinderella'.