Welcome to Year 4

Summer Term Year 4

Our IPC topic this term is The Rainforest. We're having a fantastic time researching the rainforests of the world. We're finding out about all the different animals, plants and people that live there. As part of our project the pupils in year 4 have had the opportunity to create their own rainforest in the classroom. It's been lots of fun!


Autumn term in Year 4

At the end of this term we performed our annual christmas show. It was based on Hansel and Gretel - and was a great success. We all enjoyed practising and performing the show!!

This term in IPC we are doing about famous people and we have been learning about the Tudors. We have been on a trip to Carew Castle and another trip to Tenby Tudor Merchant's House.

We did lots of fun things at Carew Castle. We had a go at cooking Tudor food.


We tried writing using a stylus and a quill pen.


And we acted out the story of how King Henry VII became king with the help of Sir Rhys ap Thomas.