Historical Notes


Tenby Council School was built in 1915 while the First World War was at its height. It was officially opened in June 1916 by Mr S.B. Sketch, J.P., C.C., Chairman of the Education Committee. The school was situated in Greenhill Road and pupils came from the School which had previously been held beneath the Methodist Chapel in Warren Street, which was subsequently demolished in the 1980s. The Headmaster at this time was Mr J Howells.


During the Second World War, evacuees from the London area were pupils at the school. After the War, great changes took place in Education in Tenby, as elsewhere. In 1951, the National Parochial School in Park Road – now the site of the multi-storey Car Park – closed, and its pupils joined Tenby Council School. In the following year, the Infants School in Heywood Lane opened and all children up to the age of seven moved there. Pupils over the age of 11 moved to the new Greenhill County Secondary School when that opened in 1961. Tenby Council School then became known as Tenby County Primary School. Heads during this time were: Mr D. Phillips, Mr O. A. Morgan and Mr S. Court.


In April 1977, pupils between the ages of seven and eleven moved into the new Junior school, a modern, open-plan styled building. Its name became Tenby County Junior School. Mr H.H. Mason was the Headmaster at this time and he retired after a period of ill-health in 1980. The first Headmistress was Mrs Eira E. M. Thomas, J.P., and she retired in August 1984.


Mr Peter Williams became Headmaster in September 1984; he spent much time altering the building and utilising every inch of space to change the teaching environment from an open-plan lay out to self- contained classroom areas. However, the number of pupils at the school increased and a mobile classroom was brought onto the site to accommodate the increase in numbers. Many of the older staff currently working at the school worked under Mr Williams, although Mrs Morgan, who retired in July 2007 and still does some supply work, worked under Mr Mason and Mrs Thomas. Around 2000, the school became known as Tenby Junior Community School.


The current Headteacher, Mrs Janice M Llewellyn, was appointed to the school in September 2001. The numbers at this time were further increasing and additional mobile classrooms had to be brought onto the site. Eventually, in 2005, the decision to extend and refurbish the school was made. Miss Sarah Morris, County Architect’s Dpt., drew up the plans and after much consultation, the building project began in December 2005. The five-phased project took just fourteen months to complete and the result has transformed the school environment, both internally and externally.


One of the longest serving Headteachers was Mr Ossie A. Morgan who was Head from 1928 until 1955. A painting of the old Council school was donated to the school by Mr Morgan’s children to celebrate his service to the school. This now hangs outside the Headteacher’s Office. Mrs Eira  Thomas’s daughter, has continued to send a plaque each year for presentation at Prize Day in memory of her mother’s service at the school.


Let us remember, that as many hands build a house, so many hearts make a school.


(Notes prior to 1984 taken from the Official opening programme in June 1970 – G.F.J.R.

Additional notes, June 2007 –J.M.L.)

Changes since September 2001
When I first came to this school, it was very overcrowded- there were two mobile classrooms on the playground and the numbers were still growing. The classrooms were tiny and corridors narrow and the only water facilities were in shared areas. In September 2002, we had a double mobile classroom placed on the playground  to help the situation, but this wasn't ideal as it reduced the amount of play-area  available during break times.
After much complaining and Governor involvement, the County Council decided to not only build a much needed extension to the school, but also to re-furbish the existing classrooms and Hall. Work was started in December 2005 by the Cotton building firm and was completed in February 2007. The result has been a wonderful environment where teaching and learning can flourish. One of our parents was a stained-glass Artist and worked with our children to produce the beautiful stained glass window that you can now see in the Hall. The lower playground was re-developed and landscaped and a new shed erected for all the Sports equipment. I was so relieved that the building project was completed just three weeks before our Estyn Inspection (March 2007) as we were able to show-off the 'new' school. This was officially opened by the Chair of the County Council in June 2007.
During the time the building work was happening, the Parent Teacher Association(PTA) agreed to spend money in the Nature area which had become disused. Mr Cox and the Eco-club worked hard in the area and with the help of BizzyPlay, a new outside classroom was built. Since then, Princes Trust have helped to develop decked walkways and £600 of willow trees were donated to the area. Parents and members of the local rugby team have dug a smaller pond area for pond-dipping and a night-line has been erected. Thanks to all who have helped us to develop this into a super learning area for the children. 
Since then , the school has developed its capabilities in Technology, ensuring that all classrooms have inter-active Whiteboards;there is also a  computer suite and  two trolleys of lap-top computers for classes to use.
I should also update you on the whereabouts of some of the staff who are no longer at the school: 
Mr Clive Condon -Deputy Head (1997-2005) Headteacher at Coastlands School, Milford although currently Acting Head over three federated schools in Pembroke area (2013)
Mr Andrew Williams - Deputy Head (2005 - 2011) Headteacher at Broadhaven Primary School (2012)
Mrs Phyl Morgan - Senior Staff (1977 -2007) Retired
Mrs Irene Warlow - (-2004) Retired
Mrs Gaynor Day (1993 - 2011) -Voluntary Early Retirement
Mrs Averil Upham (1981 -2011) - Early Retirement
Mr Duncan Whitehurst - (-2003) Advisory Teacher for ICT with Local Authority
Mrs Nalda Wainwright (1998-2005) Lecturer in PEand ITT at Trinity St David's University, Carmarthen
Mr Tom Cox (1999 -2012)    Lecturer in ITT at Trinity St David's University, Carmarthen
Mr Alastair Birch (2003-2005) Community Focused School Co-ordinator for Local Authority
Mrs Kathryn Williams -Narberth Primary School
Miss Sian Williams - PRU, Neyland
Mrs Jayne Ciccotti - SEN Dpt, County Hall 
Mrs Jan Folland - Greenhill Support Staff
Mrs Ellen Powling - Retired-ill health
Mrs Judy Britton - Retired
Mrs Sylvia Ive - Retired
Mrs Holt - Retired  -ill health
Miss Julia Wood (1989-2013) - Principal of Primary School, Newton Group, Qatar UAE 
Sept 2012