Learning Logs

The Homework Policy has been agreed by Govs, Staff, parents and School Council. It is available by clicking this link:  

Reading nightly is expected for all pupils, although this is set for Year 3 and 4 pupils weekly. There will be other types of homework set during the term involving worksheets and on-line Maths work linked to Mathletics and Mangahigh web-sites.  The Learning logs, set every two-three weeks,  are designed to extend and consolidate pupils' learning through a variety of set objectives.  Teachers have chosen the objectives to fit into their schemes of work for the term, particularly their 'themed' work in the foundation subjects.

Learning Logs encourage the development of independent learning skills, thinking skills, creativity and presentation skills. They help to build a positive home-school partnership, with parents giving regular comments on pupils' attitudes to learning logs. Peer assessment is also used to celebrate and encourage improvement in pupils' work. The teacher gives a final comment on the overall piece of work.

 Please contact the school if you would like more information  or look on the following web-sites.