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TitleStart Time
Year 7 Parents Evening25/05/2016 16:00
Year 13 Study Leave31/05/2016 16:00
YEAR 12 RETURN TO YEAR 1313/06/2016 08:00
Year 12/13 Work Experience Week20/06/2016 08:00
Year 6 Parents Evening04/07/2016 16:00
Year 12/13 UCAS Day07/07/2016 09:00
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Contact details:

Ysgol Greenhill School

Heywood Lane



SA70 8BN


Anelu at Ragoriaeth/Aiming for Excellence

Shwmae a chroeso i wefan Ysgol Greenhill.

F'enw i ydy Mrs Jan Kingston ac mae'n fraint ac anrhydedd i mi fod yn Bennaeth Ysgol Greenhill.

Gobeithio bydd ein gwefan yn rhoi blas i chi o'r profiadau dysgu, y ddarpariaeth all-gyrsiol a'r amrediad eang o gyfleoedd sydd ar gael i sicrhau llwyddiant ar bob lefel i bob disgybl yn Ysgol Greenhill.

Hello and welcome to Ysgol Greenhill School's Website.

My name is Mrs Jan Kingston and it is my honour and privilege to be Headteacher at Ysgol Greenhill School.

We hope our website will give you a good idea of the learning experiences, extra-curricular provision and the wide range of opportunities for success at all levels for each pupil at Ysgol Greenhill.





Ysgol Greenhill School Press Release on Banding

When determining which Band to allocate to any School, the Welsh Government uses a number of School performance measures; academic progress, attendance and year on year improvements.

Following our superb results of 2012 which, amongst other improvements, saw a significant increase in the proportion of our pupils receiving A*- C in Mathematics, we were placed in Band 2. This also made us the most improved school in Pembrokeshire.

Our results in the summer of 2013 brought even further improvements with the sustained success in Mathematics being matched by an equally significant increase in our Science results. Our A Level success saw a massive increase to 93% A* - C and all students who wanted a place, gained a place at University.

At the 2013 Welsh Government Banding announcement, we are all proud and delighted that for the second year in succession we have again been placed in Band 2.

However, there was a drop in one significant measure attendance and whilst this has not resulted in our allocation being altered and our school remaining in Band 2, it is a concern for next year.

We have already taken steps to address our attendance and all parents will have noted that every pupils Interim Report this academic year now shows a Personal Attendance Target of 100%. To help us all improve our attendance tracking, we are also reporting your child's attendance statistics on each termly Interim Report instead of just as a part of the annual report as we have in the past.

Attendance is vitally important - one days absence is 5 hours learning lost and an attendance rate as low as 95% means that over 25 hours learning has been missed! We are grateful to all parents who get their children to us on a daily basis for 100% - but we need everyone to support our attendance target!


More details about school bandings can be found on the Welsh Government website here.


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